Tech Leaders Spend $800M to Build a New City

A group of Silicon Valley tycoons have been quietly buying land near San Francisco’s Bay Area. Their goal is to create a brand new city, complete with residential neighborhoods, a performing arts center, and orchards with over a million trees planted. Key investors include Reid Hoffman (the CEO of LinkedIn), Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, and former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman. The development project is being carried out by Flannery Associates, led by Jan Sramek a former finance whiz kid and Goldman Sachs trader. Over the past five years, the firm (created by the investor group) has been purchasing land near San Francisco and Silicon Valley in Solano County.

Space Travel: Virgin Galactic’s First Tourist Flight Blasts Off

Virgin Galactic’s very first space tourism flight has officially landed back safely. The VSS Unity rocket blasted off from Spaceport America, New Mexico earlier today. Onboard were civilian tourists, a flight crew and chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses. During the 90-minute trip, passengers Keisha Schahaff (a health and wellness coach), her daughter Anastatia Mayers, and Olympian Jon Goodwin reached the edge of space.

New Apple iPhone 15 Design Leaks

The iPhone 15 series is expected to be unveiled in September. But until Apple’s official showcase, rumors of what the new iPhone will feature have been leaking everywhere online. Developers, beta testers, tech journalists, and Apple’s partnering manufacturers have all been dropping hints. Even though we officially won’t see the latest iPhone until about six months from now; we’ve rounded up our favorite predictions below.