Google Gives its AI Chatbot a Makeover

Smartphone featuring Google Gemini Ai greeting on a lime green background
Photo Credit: Google x GGD News

Google has announced that Bard (its AI chatbot) is now officially known as “Gemini.” The rebrand includes a new app available on all Androids. You can use the Gemini app to replace Google Assistant as the the main AI tool on your phone. For iOS users, you’ll be able to access Gemini directly through the Google app. Released last year, the chatbot’s features remain the same, only the name has changed. Users still gain access to Google’s AI models to complete prompts in over 40 languages—everything from creating custom graphics to helping you practice for job interviews via chat. Clearly, Gemini is meant to rival ChatGPT. Vice President and General Manager (for Gemini experiences and Google Assistant) Sissie Hsiao has pointed out, “It’s an important first step in building a true AI assistant — one that is conversational, multimodal and helpful.”

There is also a premium version, Gemini Advanced. Subscribing to Gemini Advanced gives users access to Ultra 1.0, a larger AI model developed by Google to help users with more complex tasks like coding.

For professionals still on the fence; a two-month trial of the Google One Premium plan featuring Gemini Advanced is available now.

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