Apple WWDC 2024: Top Innovations Announced

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 has just wrapped up, but not without controversy. A range of new products and updates were unveiled, but CEO Tim Cook seemed especially determined to highlight Apple’s position as a leader in AI. “Apple Intelligence” is the company’s personalized AI system, centering all products. Here are five major innovations that stood out.

Zoom CEO Wants AI ‘Digital Twins’ at Meetings

During the Pandemic, Zoom became a tool that definitively transformed the landscape of work. Whether hybrid or remote, making use of videoconferencing technology to establish innovative, virtual work environments has set a new global standard of productivity. And we are not going back. But Zoom CEO Eric Yuan is still not satisfied, he wants to take it a step further. Through Artificial Intelligence, Yuan plans to introduce “Digital Twins” to meetings.