The GGD Hit List: New Cancer Vaccines, Diamonds Made in Minutes and AI “Memory” Photos

Images of planet Earth in black and white, street sign displaying 'Memory Lane,' syringe and needle, camera, and diamonds on a hibiscus color plant background.

Photo Credit: GGD News

The GGD Hit List is a weekly, curated list of discoveries in tech and science. For this edition, we rounded up news in astronomy, diamonds, cancer cures, and AI memory imaging. Here are the top innovation headlines for this week:

1. There is a New Planet that Could Support Human Life: Scientists in the UK have found a planet, similar to Earth and Venus. The planet’s name is Gliese 12 b. A member of the discovery team stated “planets like Gliese 12 b are very few and far between, so for us to be able to examine one this closely and learn about its atmosphere and temperature is very rare.”

Images of Earth and Gliese 12 b, a newly discovered planet. The images are on a black background, with white labels underneath.

Photo Credit: NASA x University of Warwick

2. These Cancer Vaccines are Working: New, personalized vaccines to treat and protect certain types of cancer are proving successful. Often referred to as immunotherapy in the medical field, many vaccines are already in use. However, custom cancer vaccines are different because a person’s own genes are used as part of treatment. The mRNA-4157 (V940) vaccine has shown great promise in completely curing melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. Hundreds of patients in Australia and the UK have already received jabs, experiencing very little side effects. In the U.S., a vaccine to treat glioblastoma, (a type of brain cancer) has also shown signs of success. Four preventative cancer vaccines have already been approved by the FDA. Around the world, vaccine trials have been rolled out for bowel, lung, bladder, and kidney tumors. Earlier this year, PhotonPharma received FDA clearance to begin clinical trials for Inocell, a vaccine to treat ovarian cancer.

Image of five vaccine needles on a yellow background.

Photo Credit: GGD News

3. Lab Produces Diamonds in 15 Minutes: Rodney Ruoff, a physical chemist in South Korea has figured out a way to grow diamonds in just 15 minutes—without using a starter gem or harmful chemicals. Ruoff’s method will prove to be a game-changer for both mining and commercial markets globally. Get more details here.

A group of diamonds scattered near each other, on a black background.

Photo Credit: GGD News

4. The Synthetic Memories Project is Here: A research/design studio is using AI to create photographs from memories recalled by early-stage dementia patients and refugees. Technically, the images do not capture actual live events like a camera. Instead, oral stories and descriptions are used to produce synthetic “memory” images that look like photographs.

AI image generated image of two small girls peering out the window, staring at another building nearby. Image is in black and white.

Photo Credit: Barcelona 1960. AI image generated from recalled memory, via the Synthetic Memory project x Domestic Data Streamer

5. Everybody on Mute: AI Headphones Lets You Hear a Single Voice in a Crowd: Researchers at the University of Washington have created headphones that allow for selective hearing. In noisy locations or soundscapes, the AI-powered headphones lets you hear a specific voice. All you have to do is gaze in the direction of the person you want to converse with. See how the “Target Speech Hearing” system works below.

Video Credit: University of Washington

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