GGD Profiles: Pavegen Pavements

Photo Credit: Pavegen

Profiles is where we put a spotlight on startups and entrepreneurs transforming the world. For our very first edition, we are featuring Pavegen; a company that produces renewable energy through electric floor tiles. Just by walking on a Pavegen block, you generate human kinetic energy which then gets converted into clean, off-grid electricity. The founder, Laurence Kemball-Cook came up with the idea after noticing the large number of commuters passing through Victoria Station in London (75 million a year to be exact). While in his bedroom, Kemball-Cook created the Pavegen tile prototype and later tested it (without permission or official license) on a construction site.

So far, Pavegen is powering over 200 projects in 37 countries. Including electric walkways in Chicago and Mexico City, phone charging sidewalks in the UK, and THE LOOP in Dubai, a smart city set to connect over three million residents.

You can see more of Pavegen’s ground-breaking innovations here.

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