Twitter is Now X

New Twitter logo in black known as 'X' on a white background.
Photo Credit: Twitter/X

Elon Musk and his team have officially rebranded Twitter. The iconic blue bird was ditched in favor of a minimal ‘X’ logo in black and white. The design can already be seen on the social media app and the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. The domain ‘’ also redirects to Twitter. In 1999, Musk’s first company (a financial services platform) used the same domain name before it later became PayPal. Some critics believe the new ‘X’ looks too much like the X Windows System logo (created at MIT), released in 1984. Another concern could be Microsoft’s trademark ownership of its Xbox gaming console.

Switching up the logo is believed to be part of the billionaire’s goal to transform the social media platform into what he’s called an “everything app.”

Last year, Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. This April, he switched the company’s name from “Twitter Inc.” to “X Corp.” Like WeChat, (the Chinese e-commerce, video and chat app with over a billion monthly users) the new Twitter/X might become a “super” platform where future users stay for more than just trending topics.

The ‘X’ logo should be available for worldwide viewing/access this week.

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