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Threads App logo in black and white on a white background.
Photo Credit: Threads App, Meta | GGD News

Within the first two hours of its launch, Threads (the app created by Meta) garnered two million subscribers. After just one day, the new social media platform secured more than 30 million users; making it the fastest growing app in history, surpassing ChatGPT. Threads is linked to Instagram and has been regarded as a rival to Twitter. You can only join via your Instagram account, and unlike Twitter, the Threads app has very few restrictions. When creating posts, users can share up to 500 text-based characters (compared to Twitter’s 250) or 5 minutes of video; it also has no limits on the amount of posts you can read on the platform (Twitter recently limited the amount of tweets unverified users can read per day for free).

As it stands, Threads currently has 107 million users and is available in 100 countries. Since launching 7 days ago, Twitter’s lawyers have threatened legal action against Meta Platforms for trade secret violations. However, the company has been toying with the idea of expanding Instagram’s text-based functionality via Notes in 2022. Threads was technically first launched as an app (separate from Instagram) by Meta in 2019 and was discontinued. Meta, the umbrella company of What’sApp, Instagram and Facebook, rebooted the idea of Threads in January 2023, working on it again under the name “Project 92.”

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