GGD Top Pick: Anker Wireless Charger

Black Anker Wireless Charger, 2-Pack on a mint green background. GGD logo in upper left corner.
Photo Credit: GGD News x Anker

Wireless chargers can be found everywhere, but the Anker 313 Wireless Charger, 2-Pack PowerWave stands out for its value. Under $50, one unit comes with two wireless charging packs. You can keep both chargers in two different locations to power charge quickly, wirelessly. See what else we adore about this week’s GGD Top Pick:

  • $28-$40 (Depending on location. As of first week of June, 10% off)
  • Multifunctional: Phones can be charged in landscape or portrait mode, allows you to charge with protective cases on, and fast charging mode available for those with iPhones or a Samsung Galaxy.
  • Flexible: Magnetic, wireless charging that allows for FaceTime and does not disturb notifications while power charging.
  • Lifetime customer support and 18-month warranty

Get more details on the 313 Wireless Charger via the Anker Store or Amazon.

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