Is Blockbuster Coming Back?

Blockbuster logo on solid red background.
Photo Credit: GGD News

If you can describe and use a VHS, CD or DVD, chances are you’ve rented a movie. You know what it’s like to “Be Kind, Rewind.” You can remember the era before streaming and on-demand services.

It has been over 10 years since Blockbuster was fully operational, with multiple locations around the world. But recently, Blockbuster’s website was reactivated.

On the website, “We are working on rewinding your movie.” appears. Earlier in March, the company tweeted, “New business idea: We’re going to come back as a bank and use VHS and DVDs as currency. Time to go visit your mom.”

Both clues hint at a comeback, but no official company details have been released. Right now, Dish Network owns the Blockbuster license. It was bought in 2011 for $320 million.

If Blockbuster does return, its ownership and services may be different; but it will join a long tradition of tech/entertainment companies that have bounced back—Apple, Disney, Microsoft, etc. 

Technically, the very last Blockbuster store is still open and active; its become a tourist attraction in Bend, Oregon. Check it out here.

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