Lenovo Tech World 2021: Top Pick

Photo Credit: Lenovo x Semmi W.

At its Tech World 2021 event today, Lenovo presented the Yoga Slim 7 Carbon laptop. Like the rest of its new premium tech products, Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 7 Carbon laptop is designed for portability and the hybrid work-life. Or as CEO Yuanqing Yang explained (to over 70,000 virtual attendees) in his keynote address, “the next reality.” The Slim 7 is ultra-lightweight, and described as, “the world’s lightest 14″ OLED laptop.”

Along with the Yoga Slim 7 Pro, it will be one of the first set of laptops to have Windows 11 (dropping Oct. 5th) as its operating system. Both Yoga laptops carry 14 hours of battery life. In fact, after charging for only 15 minutes, users get 3 hours of battery life– thanks to Lenovo’s Rapid Charge Express. Learn more about Lenovo’s global tech event and the Yoga Slim 7 Carbon laptop here.

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