Visual 04: The Pay Gap

Dataviz in teal and purple showing the global gender pay gap.
Photo Credit: Semmi W. x GGD

Happy International Women’s Day! There are many achievements to celebrate and recognize; however, women are still fighting to close the gender gap. Worldwide, women are still paid less than men. According to research done by PayScale, the average salary of a man is 19% more than a woman.

This means that for every $1 earned by a man, a woman earns 81¢. Experts (cited by the UN and Deloitte) predict that if global economic inequality trends continue, the gender pay gap will close no earlier than in 2069. Women of different races, immigration status, mothers, and those who are not able-bodied largely receive less than 81¢. However, those figures are region-specific. Learn more here.

Note: This data largely come from research done prior to COVID-19, between 2017-2020; so the economic impact of the pandemic has not been taken into account.


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