Inspo: Cross Atlantic Communication Day

Messages of Queen Victoria and Pres. Buchanan in illustrated newspaper on sea green background.
Photo Credit: First telegraphic messages of Queen Victoria and President Buchanan in illustrated newspaper, Library of Congress x GGD News

We often take instant messaging and rapid global communication for granted, but July 27th official marks Cross Atlantic Communication Day. It celebrates the successful transatlantic messaging between Ireland and Newfoundland, Canada. Via the establishment of a telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean, Europe and North America become more connected. Prior to telegraph wires, letters often took ships an average of 4-6 weeks; thereby slowing down access to news or business. The construction of the telegraph cable failed many times. The project took 12 years, beginning in 1854 and was completed on July 27, 1866. The transatlantic technical breakthrough was first officially marked by a successful public telegraph message between Queen Victoria and U.S. President James Buchanan in 1858; it took 16.5 hours. Although telegraph cables are now outdated, their technology is considered the basis of modern, instant global communication. Learn more here.


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