Escaping Sudan’s Conflict

Black smoke from conflict rising in Khartoum, Sudan during April 2023.
Photo Credit: Ahmed Satti, Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Due to the ongoing conflict in Sudan, people have either fled to neighboring countries or have become internally displaced. At least 25 million people (over half the country’s population) now require assistance. As one of Africa’s largest countries, Sudan has a long history of welcoming refugees. But due to the war, at least 1.4 million people in the past six weeks have become displaced. Affected individuals include native Sudanese (now refugees in nearby countries or internally displaced), South Sudanese citizens being forced to return to their homeland prematurely, and refugee populations from other countries (who were being hosted by Sudan) like Eritrea, Syria, Ethiopia, Chad, and Central African Republic. The most significant cross-border movements so far had been Sudanese refugees arriving in Chad and Egypt, or South Sudanese returning to South Sudan. Most new refugees are women and children.

Sources: The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), International Organization for Migration (IOM), and Al Jazeera.

Photo Credit: GGD News

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