New Apple iPhone 15 Design Leaks

The iPhone 15 series is expected to be unveiled in September. But until Apple’s official showcase, rumors of what the new iPhone will feature have been leaking everywhere online. Developers, beta testers, tech journalists, and Apple’s partnering manufacturers have all been dropping hints. Even though we officially won’t see the latest iPhone until about six months from now; we’ve rounded up our favorite predictions below. 

1. Power Charger Upgraded

The new iPhone 15 series will include a USB-C instead of a Lightning cable. This means the iPhone will have support for faster charging speeds. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhone 15 will include a 20W power adapter. Most likely, the iPhone will still work with older charging outlets, but Apple is optimizing so their power adapter can charge and send data faster. 

2. New Periscope Camera Tech

The iPhone 14 currently has a 3x zoom. The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will have telephoto lens technology. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will also be equipped with a Periscope lens that has a 6x optical zoom.

3. Solid-State Button Update

It’s suspected that the volume/power button will morph into one large button. In fact, it will only feel like a solid button to a user. The updated button on the iPhone 15 will be touch only, providing haptic feedback and will not move. The same goes for the mute button—it will be small, no longer a switch, and also mimic the feeling of pressing a button via haptic feedback

4. Memory & Wi-Fi Enhancement

Whether for entertainment or work, we are all just warming up to the era of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and AR experiences. To ensure the iPhone 15 series is still part of tech revolution, there will be faster Wi-Fi 6E for Pro and Pro Max versions. Faster connectivity speeds and support for larger data is also linked to increased RAM (up to 8GB from 6GB) and an improved LiDAR Scanner, supplied by Sony. The LiDAR Scanner supports Augmented Reality (AR) apps, camera autofocus, 3D modelling, mapping, and Night Mode photos. The enhanced LiDAR Scanner on the iPhone 15 Pro models is also expected to be more power efficient, saving battery life. 

5. Super Low Power Mode

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models are expected to contain a very low energy microprocessor. This means that when the iPhone 15 is off or out of power, it can still run on a low power mode hours afterwards. The solid-state power button will work and continue to stay active much longer, hours after the battery has fully run out. 

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