The McLEAR Smart Ring

Photo Credit: McLEAR x Go Get Data

The McLEAR Smart Ring lets you make contactless payments without having to carry a wallet or card. You simply connect your credit card or bank account information to the smart ring and keep track of spending habits with RingPay, the accompanying app. Unlike Apple’s recently approved patent for a similar type of electronic device, the McLEAR Smart Ring requires no charging. The British start-up spent eight years developing the ring’s waterproof, wearable technology. With one click (via the RingPay app), you can deactivate the smart ring instantly. COVID-19 has forever changed the way we shop. Health concerns have pushed us even more so into a cashless, global economy. With or without a vaccine ready, it doesn’t look like we’re switching back. Find out more about the McLEAR Smart Ring and its advanced security features via their official site.