No More Cracked Screens: ADcase Your Smartphone

Photo Credit: Brecorder

ADcase is popping. Literally, it’s a smartphone case that automatically pops out a set of curved, winged tips to protect your $700 plus bae from cracking its screen. It works like an airbag, remaining hidden until built-in sensors detect your phone’s temporary loss of gravity. Instead of smashing against a hard surface and perhaps ruining your life, a smartphone in an ADcase would just bounce.

Photo Credit: Adcase

The “active damping” case was invented by Philip Frenzel, a German engineering student who got frustrated after his smartphone fell out of his pocket and completely broke—even after he paid to repair its screen. Frenzel’s handset invention takes advantage of 3D-printing techniques and features a wireless charger. Watching how the ADcase works is slightly addictive. It reflects an intuitive design process and reminds me of all times I could have saved my phone(s).

Frenzel received an award from the German Society for Mechatronics for developing the ADcase design. According to its website, the ADcase is only compatible with iPhones. Specifically, it protects the iPhone X, iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus.

The patent for ADcase has already been approved. However, we won’t be able to purchase it until Frenzel and his team launch the official ADcase Kickstarter campaign later this month.